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Welcome to Academic Buzz Network, edited by Bonnie K. Goodman, BA, MLIS and editor of History Musings.

Academic Buzz Network is the banner network of blogs focusing on academic news.

Each blog is devoted to a specific subject. At this time there are buzz blogs for History, Politics, Jewish Studies, Israel, Art history, and book news.


  • History Musings & History EditorIndependent platform looking at history & US political news from a centrist/non-partisan viewpoint, featuring American political news, latest updates from on the Obama Presidency and the 113th Congress. History Musings is a news blog focusing on the relation of history and politics in the news, how currents events are analyzed by historians. History Musings focuses primarily on American history and politics, but also cover news on European, British, Canadian & Jewish history as well.  Also features history book reviews, book news, op-eds, and major news stories about history and the historical profession.
  • US Political Buzz: Political Buzz is a news blog covering US political headline news including; President Barack Obama’s 2nd term & the 113th Congress, Special Elections & the 2014 Midterm Elections.
  • History Buzz: History Buzz features history, historians & professors making headline news. Also features history book reviews, book news, op-eds, and major news stories about history and the historical profession.
  • Art & Architectural History BuzzArt & Architectural History Buzz is a brand new blog entirely devoted to academic & museum news relating to the discipline of history art and architecture
  • Book News Buzz: Book News Buzz is a new blog devoted to book news & reviews and library news, and professional news relating to librarianship. Book reviews primarily focus on non-fiction books, including, history, art, politics, biographies & memoirs, but also some fiction, including historical fiction, and children’s books in those subject areas and genres formats.
  • Canadian Political Buzz: Canadian Political Buzz is a new blog covering Canadian news, politics and history, including headline news &  full text speeches. Canadian Political Buzz covers Federal politics, the Stephen Harper Government, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal leadership,  Provincial and Municipal politics, and Canadian history.
  • British Political Buzz: British Political Buzz is a new blog covering British news, politics and history; headline news & speeches. Topics covered include PM David Cameron, Parliament, Political Parties & Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign & the Royal Family, and British History.
  • JBuzz: Jewish Studies: News blog focusing on Jewish studies educational news and includes all areas of Jewish studies; academia, professors, scholars and Jewish education making news. Features include book news & reviews, op-eds, profiles, news stories, but also reference sources on practicing Judaism and the holidays, and cultural news stories relating to the religion.
  • Together With Israel יחד עם ישראל: News blog that covers Israeli news & politics, with an aim is to increase activism and support for Israel, and educate the public more on Jewish history, and Israel’s culture and current issues. Began as a blog to support Israel in the aftermath of the Second Lebanon War, but has evolved into a blog on Israeli news and political news, with reference information on the Israel and its political system. It is a bilingual blog, including news in English predominately, but also in Hebrew.  Covers Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Israel’s 32nd Government, Israel’s Elections and the formation of the 33rd Government, and also Israel’s Foreign Relations, with an emphasis on its special relationship with the United States. The blog also features reference sources to Israel country and political facts.
  • Israel Advocacy סנגור לישראל 101: Israel & Zionist Advocacy 101 is a project to educate the public in Israel Advocacy with links to resources, guides and websites teaching Israel Advocacy 101, focusing primarily on issues in defending Israel on university campuses & to a lesser extent in the workplace against delegitimization movements, including the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction BDS Movement. Additionally this site also includes news stories relating to Israel advocacy initiatives on diaspora campuses, and issues relating to Israel Studies and Israel on university campuses.